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on 2010/4/14 15:48:28 (1661 reads)

For six days beginning 25th of March , Ghain Nigeria , a HIV/ AIDS initiative and her major international partners FHI, GLRA, AXOIS, and HUCE’ PACE brainstormed at TINAPA BUSINESS RESORT on the theme: PRACTICAL APPROACH TO QUALITY ASSURANCE TOWARDS WHO- AFRO ACCREDITATION OF THEIR EXISTING LABORATORIES.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide capacity building for the various persons that will drive the process of actualizing the accreditation of the existing laboratory facilities.

When questioned about the choice of TINAPA as venue for this very important workshop, DR Lawrena Okoro, a laboratory expert and a key stakeholder in actualizing GHAIN vision, opined that “the serene ambiance of TINAPA will provide a good learning environment with minimal distraction and a great feel of nature”

According to her, GHAIN is a bold HIV/AIDS initiative working with a consortium of major international partners in the specific areas of Anti- Retro-viral treatment (ART), counseling and testing, prevention of mother to child transmission and infant maternal/ child health program.

The outcome of the workshop was very rewarding as it provided those in attendance, who incidentally are to drive the process of accreditation with WHO-AFRO, the requisite body of knowledge, exposure and tools for the exercise.

DR. Lawrena Okoro of GHAIN (NIG) is one among many corporate organization that will always chose TINAPA when ever a retreat is planned. Indeed the number of visitors to TINAPA has increased appreciably and TINAPA is getting out of woods and there are about 53 different companies operating there now.

Take advantage of these world class facilities to arrange for retreats that will produce positive results and leave a lingering feeling in the hearts of those in attendance.

Paul Eko

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