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Business : Features Of The Nigerian Economy
on 2009/6/16 6:00:33 (15427 reads)

Tinapa is located in Nigeria and many investors have discovered several benefits of doing business here as a result of the unique characteristics of the Nigerian economy. A few of these are as follows:

    • Nigeria is by far the largest consumer market in Africa with approximately 150million inhabitants.

    • With the growth of the Free Market Economy, Most Nigerians have the disposable income to actualize their lifestyle expectations as well as  a propensity for shopping that is well known.

    • Investors can take advantage of this huge market while working towards developing their export markets out of Tinapa into other parts of Africa.

    • The location of Nigeria, especially Tinapa, is an excellent hub from which to export to the rest of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

    • Investors benefit from the abundant supply of skilled labour at some of the most competitive labour rates worldwide.

    • Nigeria enjoys the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) with benefits on more than 6,500 products.

    • There are preferential quotas and tariffs on the export of some goods to the European Union.

    • For investors who wish to undertake manufacturing, there is also an abundance of natural resources and other raw materials.

Business : Facilities
on 2009/4/8 11:30:00 (20900 reads)

Facilities available at the Tinapa Resort are as follow:

  • Pre-built retail and wholesale accommodation amounting to an excess of 65,000m2 lettable area composed of Four Emporia of 10,000m2 each, several Line Shops, Warehouses, and so on.

  • An Open Exhibition Area for Trade Exhibitions and other events.

  • An entertainment strip that comprise spaces for a Casino, an Eight-Screen digital Cinema, vintage international standard restaurants, a night club and pubs.

  • Also available with the entertainment Centre is a functional Games Arcade and a mini amphitheater.

  • There is also an artificial tidal lake that feeds from the Calabar River which it self flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Water sport activities including fishing, can be undertaken on the Tinapa Lake.

  • A man-made beach where leisure events can be held.

  • A Two Hundred and Forty Two (242) Room international three star Hotel christened "Tinapa Lakeside Hotel" being operated by the African Sun Hotels, South Africa, one of Africa’s leading hospitality managers.

  • A movie Production Studio commonly referred to as "Studio Tinapa" or "Nollywood". It is the most modern film production studio in Nigeria.

  • A Water Park/ Leisure Land comprising a collection of children and adult size pools, water slides, a wave pool-surfers delight, a lazy river as well as a bar and restaurant.

  • Parking Space for about Four Thousand Cars

  • A truck Terminal

  • A Helipad

  • An independent power plant that ensures adequate and uninterrupted power supply to the Zone.

  • Over 6 kilometers of perimeter fencing with a good security network.

  • A dedicated Police post that provides security for the Zone along with a team of private security organizations.

  • Efficient Telecommunication facilities.

  • Uninterrupted water supply

  • Good internal and external road network that ensures quick access to the adjourning manufacturing based Calabar Free Trade Zone, the Calabar Port, the Margaret Ekpo International Airport as well as the Cross River State major Highway leading to neighboring States within the region.  

  • Over 15 kilometers of underground piping for sewage and storm water.

  • A sewage treatment plant.

Business : Facts & Figures
on 2009/4/8 11:10:00 (13915 reads)

The State of Cross River of Nigeria, home of Tinapa, is already acknowledged as a leader in the development of eco-friendly tourism in the Region. Calabar is regarded by Nigerians as a liveable and likeable city.

The Tinapa Free Zone & Resort is Africa's Premier Business Resort and the only retail and tourism based Free Zone in Nigeria. Presently, no other Free Zone offers similar services to that of Tinapa in the West and Central African sub-region.

The strategic location of Calabar on the West African coast and its close proximity to Central Africa provides strong opportunities for Retailers and Wholesalers in Tinapa to tap into this market which comprise a combined size of about 300million brand hungry people with increasing disposable income and a willingness to spend it. Discerning investors will exploit the existing frustrated demand for quality goods and services which has seen both locals and expatriates within this region go seek alternative destinations abroad.

The close proximity of Tinapa to the manufacturing based Calabar Free Trade Zone as well as the Calabar Sea and Air Ports, presents opportunities for Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers to expand their activities due to increased trade. Its location off the Main Highway into the City of Calabar, means that visitors from other parts of Nigeria and the neighbouring countries, can access Tinapa easily without going through the increasing traffic at the City Center. What more, the Cross River State Government, initial promoter of the Zone, has executed a loan agreement for the construction of a monorail connecting Tinapa to the airport to further improve accessibility.

Finally, adequate and uninterrupted Power is available while our      dependable     and integrated information and communication      technology infrastructure ensures that our investors are able to      maximise time as well as operate efficiently and effectively.

Business : Investment Incentives
on 2009/4/8 11:10:00 (13179 reads)

Locating within the Tinapa Free Zone & Resort automatically confers certain advantages, benefits and incentives which have been strategically designed to lower your costs and increase your profits. That is the Tinapa advantage.

These incentives are enshrined in both the Nigerian Free Zone Law as well as the Tinapa Regulatory framework. Some of these investment incentives include the following:

  • Complete tax holiday from all Federal, State and Local Government Taxes, Rates, Customs Duties and Levies.

  • One-Stop approvals for all permits, Operating Licenses and incorporation papers.

  • Duty Free importation of Capital Goods, Consumer Goods, Machinery, Equipment, Shop Fit-Out Fixtures and so on.

  • Permission to sell 100% of assembled or imported goods into the domestic Nigerian market.

  • 100% foreign ownership of investments.

  • 100% repatriation of Capital, profits and dividends.

  • Waiver on all expatriate quotas for companies operating in Tinapa.

  • Prohibition of strikes and lockouts

  • Free Rent for up to one year

Business : Our Values
on 2009/4/8 11:00:00 (9808 reads)

Tinapa’s core values are born out of a desire to provide a Business, Leisure and Entertainment destination that matches the best destinations anywhere in the world. Creativity, Innovativeness, Professionalism, Courtesy and efficiency are distinctive hallmarks of our work ethics. As far as your ingenious idea conforms to international best practices, it can be incubated and hatched in Tinapa. We provide a platform for you to thrive and globalize your business.

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